1/6th scale Morris Quad, Limber, 25 Pounder, & 4.5 inch gun

Having had one of the dinky toys of this as a kid it, to me at least, it is iconic. This was built as one of three by my father and myself a few years back.

This was built at the end of about 8 years of scratch building lorries and tanks, so is one of the best we made. Chassis is hardwood with transmission constructed from petrol RC car parts. The front and back difs have been enclosed in a steel axle housing to enable the axles to be floating leaf spring rather than swing arm. The mid dif is of the same stock and is driven using a dual gear ratio 12v cordless drill motor. In low gear it can pull well, but heavy loads will cause front wheel slip (we thought this better than snapping something). In high gear it can run up to a scale 35mph ish, and it will run for at least and hour on its 12v 7amp gel battery.

Sound effects are generated to match engine revs by a TBS5 sound card, 18w amp and a 6 inch speaker. Headlights are 12v, and the engine fan is run from the 4.8v system. The body is removeable with 2 screws and is a careful 1 piece lift.

Limber is a basic trailer, Ammunition doors are functional, 25pndr shells inside.

25 pounder is a static model. The ground plate can be set easily, and the gun elevation works by hand gear. It was built with a recoil function that could be triggered by the quad, but never used. Recoil is not functional.

4.5 inch gun is a static model. it can be set or towed. elevation works by hand gear. This has been used in a few shows with a miniature smoke puff pyro effects few times.

Quad30"16"18"(26" ariel)
4.5 inch Gun53"17"21"